Avery and Ilse

Avery and Ilse

I could be wrong but… I think Ilse knows that Avery is her baby! Avery doesn’t get along with anyone. She rarely cuddles and is generally too energetic to really sleep. I just walked in though and Ilse is on top of Avery as if she were still nursing and both are fast asleep. It’s SO cute!

RIP Masey

RIP Masey

Masey didn’t make it… She was fine, a little stressed but fine, on Saturday and now she’s gone. I’m not 100% sure what happened… She did have a tumor pop up and grow pretty quickly… Maybe it was malignant and the cancer spread too quickly or it caused a problem in one of her organs, a prolapse or something. I don’t really know. I actually called for a vet appointment this morning so I tried… I feel so awful for her… At least she was only in any real pain for a day…

I love you, Masey!



This is Hamilton. I know I haven’t posted any pics yet so… Here he is!

Versatile Blogger Award!!

I really want to thank katiekat522 for nominating me! She is super lovely!

Now for seven facts about myself:

1) I love everything animal related. Doesn’t matter what kind of animal. I’ll work with, live with, love any of them!
2) I don’t put up with drama. You start drama with me, I will cry, tell you exactly why you’re upsetting me, then stop talking to you. I just don’t need the extra stress.
3) I am currently taking time off of school and am not entirely positive when I’m going back (I’m 20).
4) I’m scary close to my mom.
5) I really want to open my own pet store and do small animal interactive education.
6) I’m addicted to talking to people. I kind of freak out when I can’t talk to someone…
7) I’m very independent and don’t work well for people which shall force me to fulfill my dream of running my own business!

Now for my nominations. I’m nominating all the people who have supported me the most. Just to give at least a little bit of something back. (I know this is a double blog but she’s super supportive of my blog so I’m going for it! (because I love books)

I’ll be honest, I could only come up with six. I am not as active as I’d like yet so I don’t know a lot about what’s happening on wordpress… I am very sorry about this… Thank you to all of you who have liked and commented on and followed my posts. You are awesome! (If you want to see more, see my blog on tumblr. I’m more active over there because of their queue feature…)


New Hair and a Tip

New Hair and a Tip

What do you all think?

My Baby Girl…

My Baby Girl...

Marble’s not doing great. She’s still active and happy but both tumors are growing rapidly and she can hardly walk. I’m really scared for her. I mean just… Look at that cute little face!

Vintage/Colectible Books for Sale-$15

I would really appreciate the help guys! I can support myself and I don’t believe in begging for money so no worries but, at the same time, some big things are happening in my life and I could use the money. Thanks!

I am the owner of 25 old/vintage hardcover books. Most were bought in the first year of publication. All are in good-excellent condition. I am selling them for $15 apiece or $350 total.

I will need shipping money if you don’t live in the Daytona Beach area. We can work out a fair price if you only want part of the collection or need to pay shipping.

If you are interested, please call or text.

Titles include:
Millie by Donald Henderson Clarke
Millie’s Daughter by Donald Henderson Clarke
Kitty by Rosamond Marshall
Duchess Hotspur by Rosamond Marshall
Gettysburg by Earl Schenck Miers & Richard A. Brown
Nancy of Paradise Cottage by Shirley Watkins
Georgina Finds Herself by Shirley Watkins
In the Old West by George Frederick Ruxton
His Wife The Doctor by Joseph McCord
Marcia Shuyler by Grace Livingston Hill
Honeymoon Wife by Agnes Louise Provost
Toil of the Brave by Inglis Fletcher
Gloria: A Girl and Her Dad by Lilian Garis
Garry Grayson’s Hill Street Eleven by Elmer A. Dawson
The Foolish Virgin by Kathleen Norris
The Wine of San Lorenzo by Herbert Gorman
Miss Lou & Driven Back to Eden by E.P. Roe (poor condition)
Taken Alive and Other Stories (With an Autobiography) by E.P. Roe
Mistress Madcap by Edith Bishop Sherman
A Son of the Sahara by Louise Gerard
All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren
Trapped by Love by Rob Eden
Wildfire by Zane Grey (poor condition)
The Sheik by E. M. Hull

Again, call or text

I also have sheet music if you’re interested!



The guy finished the new litter tray I had commissioned for the degus’ cage. It’s gorgeous! He didn’t even charge me for the second tray. I feel a little bad about it, but I’m not too torn up. I’m so happy I no longer have to worry about them chewing through things.

If anyone is thinking about getting degus, I can give you the link to the cage I got and send you the specs for the tray so you can have the perfect degu cage as well!



I just realized it has been forever since I posted something. In the hopes that you’ll forgive me… Here’s a River!